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Team USA Shop Gift Certificates can only be purchased and redeemed online. Certificates are sent to recipients via email. Gift Certificates can be purchased in the following denominations: $5, $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, $200.


To purchase a Gift Certificate, visit Gift Certificates. First, enter the name of the person who will be receiving the Gift Certificate. Next, enter that individual's email address and a personal message. Finally, select the value of the certificate, as well as the number of certificates you would like, and click, "Add to Cart." Your Gift Certificate(s) will be sent to the recipient within 24 hours of *order approval.

When purchasing multiple quantities, multiple emails will be sent to the recipient.

If you want to send Sally Smith a Gift Certificate worth $30, you would purchase three $10 Gift Certificates. Sally will receive three emails with one code each for $10. Sally can use all three codes on one order.
If Grandpa Smith wanted to give one $10 Gift Certificate to each of his three grandkids, he would type his name and email address in the recipient fields. He would then receive three emails with one code each for $10 to distribute as desired.
*Orders are approved once payment has been received and all shipping and billing information has been verified. This process is usually automatic, but under extenuating circumstances may take up to three business days.
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Redeeming your Gift Certificate is easy. Simply:

  1. Shop!

  2. Enter your Gift Certificate code(s) in the "Have a Gift or Promotional Code?" field on Step 3 of Checkout.

  3. Complete checkout.

Any unused portion of your Gift Certificate will be placed in your account balance and automatically applied to your next purchase. You can view your account balance by logging in to your account.

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Gift Certificates are redeemable only at Team USA Shop. We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or hold for review Gift Certificates and orders for suspected fraud or for Gift Certificates mistakenly issued in an incorrect denomination.
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Important Information
  • If the value of your Gift Certificate is less than your order total, you are responsible for the remaining balance.

  • Any unused portion of your Gift Certificate after you complete your order will be applied to your account balance.

  • No sales tax is charged on the purchase of online Gift Certificates.

  • Applicable sales tax is charged on redemption of online Gift Certificates.

  • Gift Certificates can not be redeemed for cash.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Customer Service at 1-866-760-0424.

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